Viper - 34.5G 1.0 Ohm Turbo-EXT NXS Hi-Temp Dynamically Balanced Extended Shaft High Speed Armature for Viper V1, BSRT G3, & Tomy SG+

Minimum Quantity: 1
Maximum Quantity: 10


Eligible for FREE Shipping

Suggested build for a Neo car:

Viper Stiff chassis with rear axle retaining pins, Independent front axle set, Viper guide pin

Silver plated Viper endbell with Viper bushing or Scale Engineering stepped metal bushing, bearing can be used but make sure it slip-fits the armature shaft

Viper 34G NXS Turbo armature with Viper rear bushing or Scale Engineering metal bushing, bearing can be used but make sure it slip-fits the shaft

Viper Pro-10, Pro-25 Cobalt, or Pro- 33 Neo motor magnets, and neo Pro-52 Traction magnets.  Pro-33 Neo motor magnets will need the bottom outside edges of the magnets rounded to reduce downforce.  If you don't know how to do that, call me. See photos. 

Steel 7T pinion and 23T bronze crown gears from Quicker Engineering

Quicker Engineering Rock rear tires