Viper Scale Racing - Pro-35™ Falcon Neo Traction Magnets for Viper V1 and BSRT G3-R & Tomy SG+ Cars

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Minimum Quantity: 1
Maximum Quantity: 24
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Specifically made to fit Viper V1™ and BSRT G3-R cars.  Stiff chassis are usually the best for all Neo magnet cars for road racing.  A stiff chassis is best for drag racing. It is recommend that you run custom "Rock" tires from Quicker Engineering for road racing.  Slip-on style tires will not handle the potential speed of neo cars in road racing.  Good road race formulas: Pro-35 traction magnets with Level 10 motor magnets and a 35G armatures in a stiff chassis; Pro-35 traction magnets and Level 4 motor magnets and a 36G armature in a stiff chassis.