Gen-3 Diamond Endbell Brush Preseating Tool for Tomy & BSRT


Generation-3 Diamond Endbell Brush Pre-Seating Tool

     This somewhat unassuming tool is a true Pro Racer essential for running Viper V1, BSRT Scale Auto or Tomy Super G Plus cars.  It is used in conjunction with a brush-arm spreading tool to cut an arc in the motor brushes that approximates that of the armature commutator.  

The tool is used by first spreading the arms of the endbell with the endbell tool.  The diamond seater tool is then inserted into the endbell as an armature would.   The brush arms are then relaxed. About a dozen twists back and forth by hand will cut the arc.  Spread the arms back out and remove the tool.  Assemble the car and then break-in the motor at low voltage for few minutes. 

     NOTE:  not responsible for misuse. 

     DO  NOT use under power such as in a Dremel. 

    Practice on run-out endbells first.



Scale Engineering - Pinion Tool - 164-320

Scale Engineering - Pinion Tool

The proper tool needed to hold pinion gears while pressing them onto the armature shafts.  Makes short work of installing and adjusting pinion gears.