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Gen-3 Diamond Endbell Brush Preseating Tool for Tomy & BSRT


Generation-3 Diamond Endbell Brush Pre-Seating Tool

     This somewhat unassuming tool is a true Pro Racer essential for running Viper V1, BSRT Scale Auto or Tomy Super G Plus cars.  It is used in conjunction with a brush-arm spreading tool to cut an arc in the motor brushes that approximates that of the armature commutator.  

The tool is used by first spreading the arms of the endbell with the endbell tool.  The diamond seater tool is then inserted into the endbell as an armature would.   The brush arms are then relaxed. About a dozen twists back and forth by hand will cut the arc.  Spread the arms back out and remove the tool.  Assemble the car and then break-in the motor at low voltage for few minutes. 

     NOTE:  not responsible for misuse. 

     DO  NOT use under power such as in a Dremel. 

    Practice on run-out endbells first.



HO Slot Car Oiler - Viper Juice

HC Slots "Viper Juice" Slot Car Oiler

Just what you need on the work bench or track-side.  The best synthetic oil available. 

Refillable bottle design.

Lucky Bob's - HO Tire & Gear Press - LB 2000

Lucky Bob's - Tire & Gear Press

A nice press for occational hobbyist use.  The Tire Press saves you from damaging hubs and expensive silicone sponge tires.  Prevents excessive tire run out due to a poor and /or improper installation of  hubs and tires. 

OS3 HO ALL Pro Slot Car Professional Controller
OS3 HO ALL Pro Professional HO Slot Car Controller

Professional grade transistorized HO slot car controller.  Unit has a separate transistor circuits for running power and the coast feature.  This allows the sensitivity circuit to be independent of the coast feature.  Unit also has an adjustable choke feature that clips power off the top end to calm down pipey cars.  Unit has 3-position slide switch for greater sensitivity ranges.
Handle color will be CLEAR.
Wire colors are red, white, black. 
This item DOES NOT qualify for free shipping.
Please read the additional item description.  
This is the standard controller at HC Slots that all Ready To Run cars are tested with after assembly.



Scale Engineering - Pinion Tool - 164-320

Scale Engineering - Pinion Tool

The proper tool needed to hold pinion gears while pressing them onto the armature shafts.  Makes short work of installing and adjusting pinion gears.

Vibra-Tite VC-3 Threadmate - Non-hardening Threadlocker

Vibra-Tite VC-3 Threadmate 

     VC-3 is a non-hardening threadlocker that comes in handy for a variety of HO slot car applications.  Traditionally it has been used to keep Wizzard brush barrel screws from backing out during racing.  It also is good for lexan body pins to keep bodies secured during a race.

     Depending on how you apply it, you can use it as a 'glue' or a gap-filling compound.  If you mate parts while the VC-3 is freshly applied, it will dry after a point to 'cement' parts in  place.  But, parts can be pulled apart carefully when needed.  If you let the VC-3 flash off before mating parts, it will get stiff and not be tacky.  This can create a space-filling application such as lexan body pins for BSRT Scale Auto G3 body posts.

     VC-3 has been used with success for securing HC Slots 'clip-on' lexan bodies to their specific chassis application.  Most commonly this is the Frog body onto a Tyco 440x2 narrow chassis.

Viper Scale Racing - Compact Tire Gauge Tool - .416" to .438"

Viper Scale Racing - Compact Tire Gauge - .416 to .438

Introducing the official Viper Scale Racing Compact Tire Gauge. This Gauge is the perfect size to fit into your HO pit box.

Size your rear tires from .416-.438" in .002" steps.  ( More Gauges coming soon)