HCS AMG Super 7 - Super 7 SC 6 Ohm RTR HO Hardbody Slot Car - All Clips Included

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HCS AMG Super 7

The HCS AMG Super 7 design was developed from the heritage of several proven HO slot car platforms.

  1. Tomy Super G Plus – Hands down, the SG+ was a ground-breaking design that changed the direction of performance HO slot cars. The SG+ design offered speed through a superior electrical system.  The chassis also was able to run nearly all current Tomy bodies of the day as well as certain legacy Aurora Magna-Traction bodies.
  2. Tomy Turbo and SRT – The Turbo and SRT offered an economical option to the market in its day due to simplistic design that was based around the proven Mabuchi box/can motor assembly.
  3. Viper V-1 – The Viper V-1 chassis as gained a majority market share in the performance end of the HO slot car market.  The V-1 chassis has its heritage in the Tomy Super G Plus but with many design improvements that allows for ‘scalability’ of performance. 

The HCS AMG Super 7 has seven major body applications:

  1. Standard Tomy Style Clip - Many standard 1.5” Tomy, legacy Aurora Magna-Traction, and certain current Auto World X-Traction bodies.
  2. Low Rider Tomy Style Clip – this clip allows certain bodies as stated above to ride lower on the chassis to produce better handling due to a lower center of gravity and a better appearance.
  3. Life Like Clip – this 1.5” wheelbase clip allows nearly all Life Like bodies to be utilized.
  4. Tyco Clip – this allows many legacy Tyco 440x2 1.5” and 1.6” closed wheel bodies to be utilized.
  5. Legacy Tomy Super G Plus open wheel bodies and current copies thereof.
  6. A 1.7” wheelbase body clip is under development that would allow for Auto World Super III bodies to work.
  7. Screw-in Aluminum Lexan Body Posts – Aluminum body posts for Viper, HCS, and BSRT can be screwed into the Super 7 chassis sides to allow for the easy fitment of custom painted lexan bodies.