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Bodies by Tim - Painted Lexan Bodies

HO Lexan Bodies Painted by Tim

Painted Lexan Bodies

Painted Lexan Bodies from various vendors.

HC Slots - Aluminum Lexan Body Pins - 20 each

HC Slots Aluminum Lexan Body Pins

$6.49 for 5 Sets

These are precision made aluminum lexan body pins.  Ideal for the Viper V1 and BSRT G-3R chassis.  Can be adapted to other brands of chassis and HO slot cars.  Pins will have to be cut back for use in Wizzard or Slottech cars

You 20 pins each - 5 sets.  

Lexan Body Pinning Kit - Body Pins, Tape Discs & Tabs - Keeps Pins In Place

HC Slots Lexan Body Pinning Kit - Aluminum Pins, Outside Tape Discs, Inside Tape Tabs

You get 8 each sets lexan body pins, tape discs and tabs.  These are made from the best materials available.  Body pins are from Scale Engineering. 

Tape discs are  .30" in diameter.  Tape tabs for the inside of the body are .82" long.  

Specifically made for Viper V1, BSRT G-3, and Wizzard chassis running lexan bodies. Can be used on many other brands of HO slot car chassis with lexan body post systems.

Use small, pointed tweezers to pull and place the discs and tabs. Then press in place with nose pliers.

Inside tape tabs are superior top traditional parachute tape.  Parachute tape tends to not lay down well or stay stuck over time.  

Photo shows the tape disc and tab sheets with dye to outline the parts.  You will receive clean and clear sheets. 

Other photos shows the tabs on the inside and the discs on the outside of the body.  

Finished bodies and chassis for display only and NOT included.  

OS3 Body Posts for Aurora T-Jet Style Cars

OS3 T-Jet Body Posts for Lexan Bodies

You get One set of posts. They are a direct stick-on assemblies for T-Jet style cars.  OS3 Mounts are ambidextrous pieces that fit on either side of a Tjet.   They have guide ribs to force them into the correct position vertically and are set to the edge of the Clamp recess horizontally.   The mounts are held on by double sided tape and are easily removable and reusable.   Cars can easily switch between hard body and Lexan body classes.   Mounts are pre-taped and ready to mount.   


Chassis and lexan body in photos for example only, not included.  

Guaranteed Made in the USA !!! 

Viper Scale Racing Aluminum Body Posts for Viper V-1, BSRT G-3, Tyco Super 7 & Tomy A/FX Supe G Plus

Viper Aluminum Body Posts for Viper V-1,  BSRT G-3, Super 7 & Tomy A/FX Super G Plus

You get 1 set of 4 posts. They are a direct screw-in fit for Viper V-3, Super 7,  BSRT G3 and G3-R cars. 

They can be fitted to Tomy Super G Plus and other brands of HO slot cars with properly located and drilled chassis.  

Engineered and made from the best materials available.  

Chassis in photos for example only, not included.  BSRT G3 is left rear, Tomy SG+ is right rear, Tyco 440 Narrow in front.