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Hard Body Clip for Viper V1, BSRT G3, Tomy Super G Plus - Low Rider Style

 Low Rider Style Tomy Super G Plus Style Hard Body Clip

You've been asking for them - NOW you have them ! ! ! One each Low Rider style Tomy Super G Plus style hard body clip.  Brand New production run. 

These are the REAL DEAL engineered and injection molded parts like the discontinued Tomy SG+ clip. Clips work as well or better than the original. Allows fitting many Aurora Magna-Traction, Tomy, and Auto World X-Traction bodies onto Tomy Super G Plus, BSRT G3, and Viper V1 without the lexan posts.

This style clip allows a lower center of gravity with certain Tomy hard bodies.  Some bodies may need relief in certain areas for clearance.  But it is worth the extra handling performance.

Not cheap MarkerBot 3D printed globs of 'starter kit' parts that don't fit well and have to be whittled on to work.       

Bodies and chassis NOT included - for display only. 




HC Slots - Aluminum Lexan Body Pins - 20 each

HC Slots Aluminum Lexan Body Pins

$6.49 for 5 Sets

These are precision made aluminum lexan body pins.  Ideal for the Viper V1 and BSRT G-3R chassis.  Can be adapted to other brands of chassis and HO slot cars.  Pins will have to be cut back for use in Wizzard or Slottech cars

You 20 pins each - 5 sets.  

HCS 308 Lexan Body - .010

HCS 308 Lexan Body - .010

$1.99 each Unpainted Body
     The HCS 308 fits short wheelbase HO cars running body posts.  .010 Thick. 
Painted body and car for display only.


HCS 308 Lexan Body Window Masks

HCS 308 Lexan Body Window Masks

$ .99 each Mask Kit

     The HCS 308 window mask kit allows you to quickly and neatly mask out your windows for painting.  Includes number roundels and masks for the wheelwells.  Can be used on HCS 308s, Viper Skin Mambas, Tomy SGP and Tyco Hammer Heads.
Painted body for display only.


HCS AMG Pro-Trax Independent Front Axle Set
HCS AMG Pro-Trax™ Independent Front End Set
Fits Viper V1™, BSRT G3-R and Tomy Super G Plus.  Produced from the best materials available. Comes with hubs and keepres, .340 to .345 front 'Donut' tires, drill-blank axle.  You may need a wheel press to push the keepers on straight or other proper tools.
Other applications may be done. Note that chassis such as Tyco 44x2 Wide-Pan are not recommended for this part since there is little to no source for donut tires large enough - generally about .400 +/-.  This part requires the racer/hobbyist to have a selection of sized donut tires to get the ride height proper for any specific chassis.  The tires supplied with these parts is only a starting point. 

AMG - the Advanced Manufacturing Group of Harden Creek Slot Cars.

HCS AMG Silicone Slip-On Medium - Mega-G - .454 Black

HCS AMG Silicone Slip-On Medium Compound

.454 OD  Black for Tomy Mega-G & Mega-G+

One pair of tires.  Sized for the standard factory Tomy Mega-G rear rims.  If mounted on Viper .265 single flanged hubs, net size is approximately .448 OD.     

Pair with Pro-52 traction magnets for Mega-G or Pro-42 magnets for Mega-G+.

They can be used on other rim configurations. Finished axle set and car are not included - for example only. 

HCS AMG Tomy Turbo Pro-10™ Traction Magnet Bar for Tomy Turbo

Pro-10™ Traction Magnet Bar for Tomy Turbo Cars

One magnet bar.  These are Level 10 traction magnet bars specifically made to fit Tomy Turbo cars.  A great upgrade from the weak factyory ceramic traction magnet bar.   Add a set of quality after-market slip-on tires and Turbo can be fun to run !!!