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Viper Scale Racing V1 - "Sportsman" 6 Ohm Pro-4 RTR HO Slot Car w/ Life Like Clip

HCS AMG - "Sportsman" 6 Ohm Pro-4 RTR Slot Car with Life Like Clip

Viper V1 chassis; Viper tweaked endbell; Pro-4 motor & traction magnets; Pro-Trax 7/25 gears and single flanged rear hubs; HCS AMG slip-on rear tires. Broken in and track tested.   

Ready to install a standard Life Like hard body of your choice.  Note: the Life Like open wheel F-1/Indy body will not fit.

Car set up to run on most factory plastic tracks.  You may need smaller rear tires to get bet handling on certain custom routed tracks.

Body shown is for example only - not included. 

AMG - the Advanced Manufacturing Group of Harden Creek Slot Cars.

HCS AMG - Viper Jetâ„¢ 6 Ohm 12 Volt Weighted Class RTR HO Slot Car - Hard Body

HCS AMG - Hard Body Viper Jet ™ 6 Ohm RTR Weighted Class Car

Viper V1 Flexible chassis with the lexan post removed so you can run hard body clips; Viper Razor o-ring front axle set; Viper guide pin; Viper tweaked endbell, pickup shoes, hangers and springs; Pro-4 motor magnets; Pro-Trax 7/22 gears and double flanged rear hubs; Viper PST soft slip-on rear tires.  Viper 6 ohm red wire armature.  Broken in and track tested.  Car is set up for common routed tracks with .416 or .420 rear tires.  Set up low, you may need to make tire adjustments to fit your conditions.

Includes standard and low-rider Tomy style hard body clips. 

The Viper Jet™ 12 volt ready to run car is based on the highly popular and successful V1 platform with the addition of CNC machined brass and molded copper weights. This car is designed to be run on 12 volts and packs a ton of fun. Cars are very drivable and don’t require cat like reflexes sometimes needed for today’s modern inline magnet cars. The V1 platform is fully upgradable and all parts are 100% replaceable. We’re very excited for this version of the V1 to hit the tracks all over the world.

HOPRA Approved Chassis.

Viper Scale Racing Double Flanged .275 OD Narrow Machined Delrin Rear Hubs - 2 sets

Viper Double Flanged .275 OD Machined Delrin Narrow Rear Hubs

Two pairs of  narrow style true Pro Quality precision CNC Machined Delrin Rear Hubs.  Will fit Tomy Super G Plus cars and Viper V1™ and BSRT G3 cars 

running full-width traction magnets and still be 'legal' over-all width. 

Works well on all brands of HO slot cars when properly installed with quality HO tire and press tools.